Obituary for Benton L. Bradberry

Benton L. Bradberry, born October 25, 1937, died September 25, 2019 in Jacksonville, Florida, one month before his 82nd birthday.

With deep sadness, we bid farewell to a great man and honorable soldier who fought to his last breath for historical truth and justice. Especially the German people owe Ben Bradberry an infinite lot and we are very happy to know that he was still able to experience the translation of his book ,,The Myth of German Villainy“ into the German language that he wanted so much.

During the Cold War (from 1955 to 1977), Bradberry was a naval pilot and officer in the US. Army, where he enlisted as a 17-year-old high school graduate.

As he wrote in his impressive foreword, he was part of a generation that – even after the Second World War and to this day – was educated by continuous anti-German propaganda up to a deep aversion against everything German, even to an unconditional hatred of the German people.

During his time with NATO however, he got to know and appreciate the European culture and especially the culture of the Germans and the German people themselves.

He was able to establish that the cliche of the Germans as barbaric monsters and brutal but stupid beasts was and is pure war propaganda. He wrote: „…The Germans are a highly cultivated, highly civilized people in every respect…“

Since the doubts that arose about history that he had learned did not let him go, he began to explore the „other side of history“. He visited many important historical sites, read countless books on this subject and met with contemporary witnesses. In the end it was unshakably clear to him that the official narrative of history in the media, schools and universities was a fairy tale, especially about us Germans, and so he called his book „The Myth of German Villainy“.

Ben Bradberry had discovered that years before World War I, a campaign had begun to destroy the high esteem in which the Germans were held throughout the world and aimed at declaring us a war-loving, barbaric nation, whose complete annihilation and deprivation of rights by a „holy crusade“ of the Allies seemed justified.

In his search for the supporters of this aggressiv American War Policy named „holy crusade,“ Bradberry discovered that big business, primarily in Jewish hands, was fostering these wars for profit.

Today – even more than in former times – money decides about war and peace and thus also about dominance in the world. With financial capital, the Jews in the USA had the monopoly over banks, trade, industry and agricultural production.

This money power enabled them to occupy important positions in public offices, in the press, art, literature, science and also in the American judiciary.

Especially the media, whose blackmailability is proverbial, are the most important weapon in Judaism’s struggle for world domination.

Ben Bradberry clearly describes the negative role of the press and the „Hollywood Dream Factory”, which incite Americans and other peoples to unrestricted readiness for war against so-called evil with unbelievable slander and a sea of lies.

Esteemed newspapers like the „New York Times“ and the „Washington Post“ were the spearheads of anti-German propaganda, massively supported by Hollywood’s most primitive propaganda films, which do not cease to cultivate the image of the Huns who desecrate women and children and educate Americans to blind hatred against the Germans. To this day, little has changed in this situation. However this agitation is no longer directed against Germany only, but against all the „rogue states“ of the world, in order to chase the Americans and their allies from one theater of war to another for Jewish global dominance.

Ben Bradberry recognized all this and wrote it down and published it despite the predictable hostilitiesThe result is a great book that ruthlessly and without taboos shows the true background of the genocidal wars. And he openly names the perpetrators who present themselves to the world today as persecuted victims. Reinhold Oberlercher, a young German philosopher expressed Ben’s thoughts this way: ”Now, as the bad beginning of the projected good ending, a utopian World Power, the Israeli tail wags the American dog and the apocalyptic desert storm of Yahweh compels by nuclear arms the paying of tribute by the people of all cultures around the Globe“.

The significance of Ben‘s fundamental writing cannot be emphasized enough. We firmly believe that when people hear his wake-up call, they will recognize the real enemy of mankind and his machinations before another great world war brings death and destruction to many more people.

On behalf of the Germans, who still want to be German, and on behalf of all other freedom-loving people, we would like to thank Ben Bradberry deeply for this important work of enlightenment. His work will clean and heal old wounds.

A great man has passed away. He will remain unforgotten!

3.0ktober 2019

Friederike Brunswik/ Paul Gorsleben